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  • Gathering Clouds  v.3.0Beautiful views of spectacular gathering clouds show to an accompaniment of an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned.
  • Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds patch  v.1.2Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds patch 1.2 offers you a helpful patch to upgrade your copy of the Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds to version ...
  • EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon  v.0.9The Entropy Gathering Daemon is a portable perl script which provides a source of randomness on systems that lack an in-kernel /dev/random. GnuPG, OpenSSH, and the OpenSSL toolkit can use EGD to seed their random number ...
  • Gnu Magic the Gathering  v.1.0Unofficial Gnu version of Magic the Gathering ( MtG ) card PC game command line server. Manage rules of game and allow playing with client application that use it's provided API.
  • Magic: the Gathering Projects Dissected  v.1.0Dissect source codes of Mtg (Magic: the Gathering) projects by wiki.
  • Wolf Gathering  v.1.0The WG official Open Source project. For more info, see official site.
  • Siga - System Information Gathering  v.1.0Siga is a project which is originally started by SUSE Linux GmbH, later it is owned by Martin Lasarsch and now it's maintained by Sascha Manns for the open-slx GmbH. Siga is a shell-script which tries to find all relevant data for using it in a ...
  • MTG Studio  v.3.6MTG Studio is Magic the Gathering Deck and Collection editor. The product has various deck creation capabilities (advanced multiple-criteria searches, filters and user-defined grouping). Over 27800 cards from all editions ever released are supported.
  • TrackNPlan  v.1.2Project management tool gathering altogether tasks ...
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